-Design Days x Habitat et Jardin, carte blanche & exhibition in the plant inspired space of the Design Days, collaboration with Raphaël Constantin, March 2019

-Forum Horizon, guest speaker at the Lausanne University, February 2019


-Bo Noël at l’Assise Lausanne, organised by Elisa Siro & Fainek, December 2018

-SQUARE Xmas market, with Raphaël Constantin, December 2018

-Carouge Xmas market, with Raphaël Constantin, December 2018

-Comissioned work for giftshop Catambo Nyon, serie of 4 matchbox designs for the Winter season, November 2018

-Marché de l’objet imprimé, with Raphaël Constantin, organised by Ripopee at the galerie Eeeeh in Nyon, June 2018

-Weareoutofoffice, internship with illlustration and graphic design studio based in Utrecht, Netherlands, April to July 2018

-L’Herbier, collaboration and exhibition with Skate shop Grand’Rue Nyon, design of a skateboard and hoodie + exhibition of botanical illustration serie “l’herbier” - collaboration with Raphaël Constantin, April 2018

-L’Exposition des anciens, exhibiton regrouping the work of Gymnase de Nyon allumnis who had persued a career in the artisitic field, April 2018


-SQUARE, marché des artisans organised by CAUSE in Gland, December 2017

-Winner of the Jean Knecthli award, prix de la ville de Nyon, November 2017

-L’Atelier, collaboration and exhibition with fashion designer Aurélia Joly at galerie La Grenette, April 2017

-ECAL OPEN DAYS, guest speaker for Fine Arts department presentation, February 2017

-ECAL xmas market , December 2016


-SQUARE, marché des artisans organized by CAUSE in Gland , December 2016

-Marché de noël de Coppet @ Coppet Castle, December 2016

-La Grelotte, wallpainting and decoration of  the "Grelotte" (wooden structure built by Samedi Cruise) @La Roulotte, Nyon, December 2016

-CENTRAL 21, sale of hand painted tshirts @Petit Central (organized by Collectif Hapax 21) in Lausanne, Octoober 2016

-LOLA, painting and text exhibition with Virginie Portier, organized by SELECTA @la Grenette, Nyon, June 2016

-LES CABINES, scénographie de la pièce de théâtre de Virginie Portier, jouée par la Compagnie Mokett @Bains des Pâquis, Geneva, April 2016